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Catalogue of Calopterygoidea of the World

Calopterygoidea of the World: A synonymic list of extant damselfly species of the superfamily Calopterygoidea (sensu lato) (Odonata: Zygoptera) (First edition - 1 January 2016) by Matti Hämäläinen

Neurobasis australis by A.G. Orr

A list of all available (on 1 January 2016) genus- and species-group names of the extant Calopterygoidea (sensu lato) of the world, including all synonymic names and homonyms, is presented. Besides damselflies of the traditional calopterygoid families, the catalogue lists all damselflies formerly included in the family Megapodagrionidae (sensu lato).

The list includes a total of 152 genus-group names, of which 113 are presently in use, the remaining being either synonyms or preoccupied names. A total of 1147 available species-group names is listed, of which 265 are synonymic names (incl. homonyms). Altogether 831 taxa are listed as valid species and 51 taxa as subspecies. A number of footnotes discussing various taxonomic details is added.

There are available numerous online checklists attempting to list all Odonata species of the World. However, we are dare to suggest that, at least with regard to the Calopterygoidea, none of these lists is as complete and accurate as this catalogue.

The catalogue is available as a pdf (0.8 Mb) and it can be downloaded here.

Additions and changes

A regularly updated list of newly described taxa, changes in the generic combination or status, and of errors discovered, will be maintained as a separate pdf-file.

Last update
1 June 2017.