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This website aims to provide information on the damselflies of the superfamily Calopterygoidea. Recently (2013) also the ’megapod’ damselflies were included in this superfamily, but largely on a temporal basis in wait for further studies of the relationships of all Zygoptera. However, although the ’megapods’ are included in the synonymic catalogue published in this website (see below), this website mainly restricts to the ’Caloptera’ damselflies in the old Selysian sense.

There are about 500 recognized Caloptera species worldwide, presently grouped into eleven families. These insects are among the most colourful and attractive of all dragonflies, as the name Caloptera (‘beautiful wings’) implies. Caloptera damselflies are most speciose in the Oriental Region, where nearly half of the known species occur.

This website

  • includes an annotated synonymic catalogue of the Calopterygoidea (in broad sense, including the ’megapod’ damselflies) of the World compiled by Matti Hämäläinen.
  • includes a list of odonatological publications by Matti Hämäläinen and Sami Karjalainen, and provides pdf-files for downloading or relevant links.
  • includes a list of Odonata taxa named by Matti Hämäläinen with relevant pdf-files.
  • will include other material related to the Caloptera damselflies in near future, such as treatises on the Caloptera diversity in Thailand, Vietnam and other South-East Asian countries.

Book project

This website acts as the homepage of a book titled ‘Demoiselle Damselflies - Winged Jewels of Silvery Streams’ and authored by Sami Karjalainen and Matti Hämäläinen.

Neurobasis chinensis Rhinocypha arguta


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